Preparing your property for sale

The process of presenting your property for inspection is one of the most important aspects of the sale. The other aspect of importance is having an agent who knows how to showcase your property on inspection whether it is Residential/ Rural acres/Commercial or Industrial. These tips will make the difference for you to achieve maximum price for the sale of your property.

Remove all rubbish, dead trees, building materials, anything that has no place around your property. This is important because a professional photographer will take photos for your property to be advertised. Prune trees or hedges on boundary fences, or branches that are too close to the house. Lawns are to be mowed, nature strip, front and back of house and don’t forget the edges.

All gates are to be in good working order, this is where the buyer walks in and out of your property. Facia board’s age and when there are signs of wood rot it gives the house a tired look, best to repair the damage and apply a coat of paint. Garden beds to be weeded or mulched for excellent presentation, don’t forget to water gardens the day before inspection so everything looks fresh. The front veranda or the entrance to the house is to be well presented. Remove shoes or boots lying around the front door. If a door mat has a tired appearance replace it. This is where first impressions count.

Whenever possible take your pets out for a walk during inspections. Pet’s inside the house is not always a welcoming sight for some buyers.

Internal Tips

Let’s take a look inside your home. If the kitchen has a tired appearance and you have a budget to support a make-over, here are a few tips. Rather than replace the kitchen, spend on a new bench top or replace tired cabinet doors and handles for an inexpensive make over and worthwhile lift.

A common complaint we hear from buyers is the lack of storage space in a house. Most women when on an inspection are looking where they can store sheets, blankets and towels.

The more space that is created inside your home, hallways, living areas and bedrooms the better chance of attracting good offers for your property. Most buyers want to see what improvements are needed to create the home for their lifestyle. Clutter works against you when your home is on the market. Most important declutter.

If you have a budget to work with, lift worn carpets or linoleum to reveal floorboards that can be sanded to create a clean modern feel. If you don’t have floorboards, you can install a floating timber floor to improve any living area.

Bedrooms need to be clean and clutter free. You want visual appeal. A white doona cover or white bedspread will give a sense of space to a room, whereas bright patterned bed coverings will make the bedroom look smaller. A white throw-over will work just as well.

Highlight your bathroom with fresh white bath towels, white mats and white hand towels. White works with any tile colour and lifts the room for a more pleasant look. A coat of ceiling paint works with the white towels and clean tiles. There should be no sign of dirt or mould. Entire bathroom & shower screens are to be crystal clean. Scented soaps are a nice finishing touch to the senses also.